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Mr. Esan Pilai


Mr. Pilai is a highly experienced, well-respected, and talented lawyer with decades of experience helping both clients and other lawyers. He’s a Legal Practitioner of the Supreme Court of Victoria and High Court of Australia with relevant credentials and qualifications to conduct legal counsel in the entire country. More specifically, Mr. Pilai has valuable experience as Solicitor-Advocate in a variety of criminal matters in addition to intervention orders and motor vehicle offences.

Area of Experience

  • Criminal Defense Law
  • General Legal Advise
  • Intervention Orders
  • Motor Traffic Law


Drawing upon his decades of experience and legal expertise, Mr. Pilai has helped numerous clients succeed in their cases. He’s won challenging cases in numerous court systems including the State and Federal jurisdiction of Victoria, New South Wales, the Queensland Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts, the Victorian County Court Sentencing Appeals and Criminal Trials, and Supreme Court Bail Appeal Matters. Recent cases Mr. Pilai has won and been involved in include:

  • Sanchez v DPP (2013) VSC 707
  • DPP V Myaker & Ors [2020] VCC 1054
  • DPP v Wilson [2020] VCC 1177

Mentorship & Commitment
Mr. Pilai’s dedication to justice extends far beyond his decades of experience as a Criminal Defence Lawyer. He regularly supports, mentors, and guides law students and young lawyers to depart the valuable lessons and skills he’s learned as a highly esteemed and successful lawyer.

As a firm believer in constant improvement, Mr. Pilai is always looking for new ways to advance his understanding and working knowledge of the newest legal developments. He seeks to create a more just society not just through legal practice in the courtroom but also through encouraging others to treat people as they would want to be treated.

When he’s not engaged in legal matters, Mr. Pilai is still giving back to the community through various outreach programs. He’s the silent director of the not-for-profit EnvisionZ that sponsors programs for underprivileged youth requiring guidance and support.

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