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Mr. Kieran Akula

Kieran Akula


Mr. Kieran Akula


Mr. Kieran Akula appears for sentencing appeals at the County Court and has broad experience representing both applicants and respondents in Intervention Order matters.

Area of Experience

  • Criminal Defense Law
  • Quasi Criminal Law


Mr. Kieran Akula have been successful in getting the best outcomes for his clients. He generally appear at the Dandenong and Frankston Magistrates’ Court for summary offences relating to thefts, assaults, recklessy causing serious injury, possession of drug and depedence. Additionally, Mr. Kieran have also appeared for IVO matters for both the applicant and respondent. He also instructed on indictable offences at the County Court.

Within Jay & Co, I am a determined and relentless lawyer who currently practices in the area of criminal defense law and quasi criminal law. 

I appear in summary and indictable matter that are heard triable summarily, and instruct in indictable matter in the County Court. I also appear for sentencing appeals at the County Court. Lastly, I have broad experience in appearing for Applicants and Respondents in Intervention Order matters. 

I have appeared for a range of offences from driving offences, assaults, sexual offences, theft, drug trafficking and intervention orders. I am currently able to appear at the Magistrates’ Court, County Court and Supreme Court. You will find me generally at Dandenong, Frankston and Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court advocating for the best outcome for our client. 

I am currently being mentored by Principal Lawyer Esan Pilai, who has taught me the resilience, strength and maturity needed to be an excellent criminal lawyer. One of Mr. Pilai’s lessons that has always stayed with me is the need to treat all human beings with utmost respect and dignity. This teaching is engraved at Jay & Co and as a team we always strive to ensure that our client’s rights are held in the highest regard. 

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