Information For Self Represented Individuals

Feb 19, 2024 | Jay & Co

Information For Self Represented Individuals

If you are going to court you may already have thought about whether you want to represent yourself or whether you will engage in professional legal representation.

Let’s start off by discussing the advantages of self representation. Self representation can be daunting and nerve wracking, however advantages do exist.

Benefits of Self Representation

  • You will save money you would have spent on legal representation (however, a lack of legal representation may result in a more severe penalty, such as a larger fine)
  • Self representing may encourage you to learn more about the laws governing your matter
  • You may have greater personal satisfaction in representing yourself

Benefits of legal representation

  • You will be able to stress less knowing that your lawyer is acting on your behalf throughout the criminal law processes and procedures
  • You may be able to get a better outcome if you are represented by a lawyer
  • All the complicated legal jargon, options and positions will be explained to you by your lawyer in a way easily understood by you
  • You may be able to avoid a harsher penalty if you are professionally represented

Disadvantages of self representation

  • You may be unfamiliar with the law, court processes and procedures
  • You may not understand what the magistrate or judge is asking from you
  • You may say things to the magistrate that are unnecessary or irrelevant
  • You may be nervous, stressed and unable to think clearly and objectively about your matter
  • You may produce a harsher penalty for your matter

Disadvantages of legal representation

  • Legal representation may be costly
  • You may not know how to contact a lawyer or which lawyer to contact
  • You may have an innate distrust towards lawyers

Whether  you will go to court with legal representation or instead self represent, our team at Jay & Co Barristers and Solicitors are happy to take your calls and give you general legal advice during a consultation before your court date.